Thursday, July 22, 2010

RTÉ News: More older women seek crisis pregnancy help

Thursday, 22 July 2010 08:05

There has been an increase in women over 35 seeking help during a crisis pregnancy, according to a report from the Crisis Pregnancy Agency.

The agency, which was merged into the Health Service Executive this year, is to publish its final report today.

Ahead of the publication this afternoon the former chairperson of the agency has said the HSE must support its strategic focus.

Often a planned pregnancy can become a crisis one, due to relationship break-ups, unemployment or financial difficulties.

The increase in women over 35 seeking help has been a trend for some years, according to the agency.

Concerns over the merging of the agency with the HSE emerge in the final annual report from the Crisis Pregnancy Agency.

It now operates as the HSE Crisis Pregnancy Programme.

Former Chairperson of the agency Katharine Bulbulia has warned that society should not be complacent about dealing with such a prevalent issue.

In the report she says it is vital the HSE supports the strategic focus of the Agency she once chaired, pointing out its crucial that happens so that those facing an unplanned pregnancy receive the support and care they need.