Sunday, May 12, 2013

Action on X national protest 18 May

Cork Pro-Choice Alliance on distributing "illegal" leaflets

Cork Pro-Choice Alliance are distributing leaflets this Saturday on Patrick. St. informing women of abortion services available in England. This is in defiance of Irish law which prohibits the distribution of information on the subject.

Spokesperson Alan Gibson stated: “We are defying this unjust law because supporting a women’s right to choose is more important than following outdated Catholic doctrine. This censorship of information is undemocratic and of a bygone era.”

He added: “The government is ignoring the reality that over 4000 Irish women travel to England each year to avail of abortion services. The CWRTC believe this dereliction of duty to these women is simply unacceptable.”

“Information on abortion services needs to be made publicly available now.”